First Baby Born with Augmented Egg Cells

First Baby Born with Augmented Egg Cells

TIME Magazine broke the news yesterday that the first baby was born via a new IVF treatment that optimized the mother’s unhealthy eggs with immature egg cells from her own ovaries.

The procedure marks the first significant advancement in reproductive technologies since the advent of IVF in 1978.

Called “Augment,” the treatment was offered through OvaScience, whose CEO, Michelle Dipp, MD, PhD, was recently interviewed by Love Comes First.

“We’re really excited to be able to help anyone who wants to start a family,” says Dr. Dipp.  “We get a lot of interest from the LGBT community.  And it’s sometimes because a lot of our friends who are lesbian couples have waited to start a family.  And other friends of ours who are gay men have actually also waited to start a family and will sometimes want to use the egg of a sister or a friend.  And so our goal is to be able to create new fertility treatment options for all of them.”

Stay tuned for the launch of our full interview with Dr. Dipp, including newer treatment options on the horizon, at Love Comes First.