GloZell Babysits for Gay Dads and their Four Kids

GloZell Babysits for Gay Dads and their Four Kids

YouTube celebrity GloZell Green’s recent path to parenthood via surrogacy has been widely documented – from People Magazine to her own docu-series. Perhaps less known is her tremendous support for the LGBTQ community. When given the chance to interview President Obama, one of her first questions addressed gay marriage.

And while navigating through fertility options was a challenge, her biggest challenge is yet to come with the birth of her own baby girl.

In preparation for the journey ahead, the exuberant comedian spent the day babysitting for gay dads, Anthony and Byron and their four children: twins girls Jackie and Jasmine, son Jake and baby Mariah.

Love Comes First was there to document the event, and despite the inevitable mishaps, show that love really does come first.

Watch the video here!