LGBTQ Family & Parenting News Roundup August 2018

LGBTQ Family & Parenting News Roundup August 2018

At Love Comes First we keep up on the latest in LGBTQ family and parenting news, and share relevant stories with our followers via our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr channels. Here are the biggest stories from August. If you know anyone who might be interested please share!

LGBTQ Parents and Parenting

Cambridgeshire Live: Gay couple’s emotional journey to become mums together

“A gay couple have spoken of their battle to overcome personal fears, financial struggles and prejudice to have a child together.”

Charlotte Observer: Foster Care: states hurt children by shunning parents like me

“States are hurting children by allowing agencies to discriminate against foster parents on religious grounds.”

The HR Director: Demystifying family leave entitlements for same-sex couples

“This article sets out to demystify leave entitlements for same-sex couples so that employers are in the best position to support LGBT parents or prospective parents.”

HuffPost: I Had To Get A Second Parent Adoption And There’s A Ridiculous Reason Why

“I discovered that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is still legal in the majority of states. If I ever moved out of the “gay friendly” Northwest, my parental status might go unrecognized or be challenged.”

CS Monitor: A champion of foster children in need of permanent families

“The center has also worked to help children who can have difficulty finding permanent families – older children, those with differing abilities, and LGBT individuals. And the organization has conducted outreach to potential adoptive parents in the LGBT community, which Mullner says has been underserved.”

In the News

“Adoptive gay dads Sean Carlson and Jamie McGonnigal have gathered more than 26,000 signatures on a petition asking a House Republican to pull an amendment that critics say gives child welfare agencies that receive taxpayer money a “license to discriminate” against LGBT families who want to adopt or foster children.”

“The 35-year-old, who is in a long-term relationship with her English boyfriend, will not be legally married because she won’t apply for or sign marriage papers until marriage equality becomes law in her native Northern Ireland. Bronagh, who is currently starring in ITV’s Unforgotten, says she is making the stand for her mum Bonnie and every other gay and lesbian couple in the country.”

“While some safeguards are in place, advocates for the LGBTQ community say more protections are needed, especially around areas of parentage as reproductive technology evolves.”

Simplemost: This Oklahoma Woman Is Offering To Be A Stand-In Mom For Same-Sex Couples Whose Own Parents Won’t Attend Their Weddings

“Some same-sex couples have to deal with parents who are not accepting of their sexuality and refuse to attend their weddings. For those heading down the aisle who find themselves in this heartbreaking situation, Oklahoma mom Sara Cunningham has volunteered to be their “stand-in mom” for the big day.”

LGBTQ Nation:  Study shows lesbian moms raise children just as healthy as mixed-gender parents

“These findings demonstrate that claims that it is harmful for children to be raised by same-sex couples are completely unfounded,” Bos stated. “There is no justification to restrict child custody or placement, or access to reproductive technologies, based on the parents’ sexual orientation.”

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