LGBTQ Family & Parenting News Roundup

LGBTQ Family & Parenting News Roundup

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At Love Comes First we keep up on the latest in LGBTQ family and parenting news, and share relevant stories with our followers via our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr channels. Here are the biggest stories from May. If you know anyone who might be interested please share!

LGBTQ Parents and Parenting

Pink News: Jay-Z’s mother Gloria Carter makes emotional speech as she accepts LGBT award

“Gloria Carter has said that the love of her son Jay-Z and her partner was key in helping her to come out. Jay-Z dedicated “Smile” on is album 4:44 to his mum – which also served as her official coming out.”

Gaystar Family: Trans parents: ‘Don’t allow being transgender to scare you from creating a family’

“Trans parents Mya and Kennedy Power are hoping to inspire transgender people to not be afraid of starting a family. Mya, who identifies as a trans woman, and Kennedy, who identifies as a trans man, say being proud of who you are is the first step.”

QNews:  Gay Dads’ Cute Letter To Plane Passengers About Their Newborn Goes Viral

“A gay couple have gone viral after they offered plane passengers goodie bags while traveling to Europe with their infant. The flight was the baby’s first ever plane ride, and the pair of dads, nervous about their little one potentially crying, warned other travelers with letters and gifts.

NY Times: Adventures in Transgender Fertility

“In a recent study, a majority of trans teenagers who received fertility counseling declined to take steps to preserve their own fertility before transitioning.”


In the News

Lavender Magazine:  Czech Court Recognizes Gay Parents For The First Time

“Czech Radio reports that Czech supreme court has ruled for the first time that two gay partners should be legally recognized as the fathers of a surrogate child, the daily Mladá Fronta reported on Saturday.”

Pink News: Greece allows gay couples to foster children in landmark move

Congratulations to the Greek LGBT community! “Gay couples will now be able to foster children in Greece. The groundbreaking legislation was passed by 161 votes to 103 on May 9.”

Media Matters:  Director of Oklahoma LGBTQ advocacy group outlines how discriminatory adoption bill will hurt his state

VIDEO: “In your talks with gay couples, single parent family, why not tell them there are other places to go? Why don’t they just go elsewhere and deny those places business in the first place?”

STEVENSON: “Segregation and separation are not something we believe in as Americans. We don’t say that you — that we will serve the general public, however, we don’t like divorcees; we don’t like gay folks; we don’t like — single parents, no, we don’t like them, so we’re not going to serve them, but we’ll serve everybody else. That’s not how this country works.”

Media Matters: National TV news ignored adoption and foster care bills that allow discrimination against LGBTQ parents

“Major national broadcast and cable TV news shows failed to talk about the deliberations over anti-LGBTQ bills in Oklahoma and Kansas that passed through their state legislatures on May 3 and May 4, respectively.”

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