LGBTQ Family & Parenting News Roundup September 2018

LGBTQ Family & Parenting News Roundup September 2018

At Love Comes First we keep up on the latest in LGBTQ family and parenting news, and share relevant stories with our followers via our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr channels. Here are the biggest stories from September. If you know anyone who might be interested please share!

LGBTQ Parents and Parenting

Pink News:  Gay adoption is a wonderful thing, here’s how it changed our lives

“One gay couple has opened up to PinkNews about the life-changing impact that adopting two children, who are brothers, has had on their lives.”

MENAFN:  What LGBTQI+ parents want from their children’s schools

“While the number of LGBTQI+ parented families in the UK is increasing, schools are not always sure how to react when such a family enters their community.”

Community Care: Tips for supporting transgender foster carers and adopters

“A recent report highlighted transgender awareness as ‘an area in need of development’ across the social work profession and noted some evidence of social workers behaving in a ‘prejudicial manner’. A new publication aims to help social workers understand and address these key issues when assessing and supporting transgender foster carers and adopters.”

In the News

LGBTQ Nation:  Supreme Court rejects ‘religious freedom’ case from foster agency that won’t serve gay couples

“The United States Supreme Court has rejected a request from a Catholic charity to allow them to continue to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples.”

Human Rights Watch:  US Congress Rejects Anti-LGBT Adoption Amendment

“Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people planning on fostering or adopting children in the US have a victory to celebrate.”

U.S. News: Suit Over Michigan Gay Couples Denied Adoptions Can Proceed

“A federal judge has declined to dismiss a lawsuit which says Michigan is illegally allowing faith-based groups to reject same-sex couples who want to adopt children or become foster parents.”

“Oscar-winning screenwriter and filmmaker Dustin Lance Black has called for Britain to lead the way in surrogacy rights for LGBT+ parents after becoming a father himself with husband Tom Daley, Britain’s champion diver.”

Independent: Tom Daley on becoming a dad, prejudice and the problem with UK surrogacy law:

“Gay parents aren’t alone in having huge challenges and hurdles when it comes to having a child and I’m hoping that our journey can actually help other people who are having other issues.”

Metro: Civil partnerships aren’t enough – Northern Ireland must legalise gay marriage (Editorial)

“The rest of UK and the Republic of Ireland have introduced same-sex marriage, while Northern Ireland still lags behind. As the first civilly partnered gay couple in Ireland, myself and my partner – along with the first civilly partnered lesbian couple – are mounting a legal challenge to change that.”

“After the historical decision of the Supreme Court on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community started demanding other rights. LGBT activists are saying that the next fight will be for other rights of LGBT rights and right to adopt children.”

“India’s LGBT community on Thursday won its battle to decriminalize homosexuality. But the victory will gather real meaning only when they secure the right to marriage, inheritance, guardianship and adoption, say lawyers and activists.”

Gay Star News: Married gay couple become the first ever interviewed on Nigerian television

“High profile LGBT activist Bisi Alimi and his husband have just become the first gay couple interviewed on Nigerian television. Alimi has actively campaigned for LGBTI rights since bravely coming out on Nigerian TV about 14 years ago.”

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