Love Comes First Year in Review 2016

Perez Hilton and Family

While 2016 presented some challenges for the LGBT community, including the horrific loss of lives at the Pulse Nighclub (see a moving tribute video here), and the election of a presidential ticket whose platform was called “the most anti-LGBT in the party’s history” — our families continued to thrive and we will continue to fight for our rights in the new year.

Same sex couples can now adopt in all 50 states, major chain stores like Target took a stand for the LGBT community, and study after study confirmed the well-being of kids raised by LGBTQ parents, including this study which shows that there’s no difference in behavioral issues in children adopted by LGBT parents.

And at Love Comes First, we have done our best to engage and inspire families of all kinds.

Here are some of the highlights of 2016

1. LGBTQ Family Map: Hundreds of families across the country have added themselves to our interactive LGBTQ Family Map! Simply click on a heart icon in a particular city to see a photo of a family with their favorite activities.

2. Meet The Experts series

From legal contracts for surrogacy to IVF for lesbians, our Love Comes First experts covered everything you need to know for LBGTQ family building.

3. New Family Stories in our Love section

This year we added new family story videos to our Love section, including a couple of celebrity parents!

Perez Hilton’s Story

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton opened up about his own family in a candid interview:

GloZell Green’s Story

YouTube star GloZell Green babysat for two gay dads and their four children.

We also produced a segment on this amazing family.

Claudia, Rosie, Mario, Bobby and Aaron’s Story

Two gay moms and two gay dads (two of whom are also siblings) shared their story of jointly raising a toddler in a conservative state.

Gabriel and Dylan’s Story

Activist Gabriel Blau focused on maintaining religious faith in is own family.

Lisa and Melissa’s Story

Lisa and her partner Melissa discussed moving forward on their path to parenthood after Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thanks for watching and sharing, and we look forward to featuring more LGBTQ families and experts in 2017!