Love Comes First Year In Review 2017

Love Comes First Year In Review 2017

Happy Holidays everyone! Welcome to our 2017 year in review.

In 2017, our families worked for our rights and for visibility, and we carry this activity into 2018.

At Love Comes First, we have done our best to engage and inspire families of all kinds.

Here are some of the highlights of 2017

1. LGBTQ Family Map: Over 600 families across the country have added themselves to our interactive LGBTQ Family Map! We are loving the holiday photos that have been coming in.

Simply click on a heart icon in a particular city to see a photo of a family with their favorite activities, and you can add your family by uploading a photo and telling us your three favorite activities.

Get on the Family Map!

 The Numbers So Far:

Gay Families

Lesbian Families

Bi Families

Trans Families

Queer Families

Other Families

2. Expert Interviews and Family Stories. This year we released three videos related to transgender parents and family building, one expert interview on Reproductive Possibilities for Trans Families, and two short-form documentaries with trans parents Lissa and Sam (part 1 | part 2).

Sam and Lissa

3. New photo and video series: Living Equality

Love Comes First is embarking upon a new video/photo series to bring awareness to all our families—especially those who need it the most. In fact, LGBTQ families are more likely to struggle with hardship such as lack of employment, discrimination and disability. And we want to make sure their stories are heard.

And we need your help!

Thank you for taking a moment to tell us about your own family via this brief survey. In the survey we ask if you would be interested in sharing your story with us in a documentary or photo essay. If the answer is yes we may contact you for the campaign.

4. Check us out on Instagram and Pinterest!

Love Comes First in now on Pinterest and Instagram! Check us out and please share!

Pinterest and Instagram

Thanks for watching and sharing, and we look forward to featuring more LGBTQ families and experts in 2018!