New Video: Trans Parents Prepare for “Dream Baby”

New Video: Trans Parents Prepare for “Dream Baby”

This is Part 2 of our series on Sam and Lissa. See Part 1 here.

First they hoped their doctor would be able to harvest trans man Sam’s eggs. Then they hoped the embryo created with Sam’s egg and donor sperm would result in a pregnancy for Lissa on the first try. Now at almost 33 weeks, both dreams have come true along with a third: to have a baby girl. “Let’s hope she stays a girl,” jokes Sam.

The desire to have a girl stems from a belief that women are meant to be nurtured as leaders–much like Lissa, who is a minister at a Unitarian church. Though starting the nation’s first queer-centric gym, which Sam has succeeded in doing, is equally inspiring.

Both the church and the gym have provided a tremendous source of support for the couple who recently got married. And will continue to help them on their journey through parenthood.

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